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Sample Leads

Sample 1




City: Derby

State: KS


Date of Birth: 11/5/47

Gender: Male



Best Time to call: n/a

Calling for parent(s): n/a

Do you use one of the following: n/a

Other durable medical equipment: n/a

Last two years had problems with: None

Other assistance needed: None

Are you married: Yes

Do you smoke: No

Are you diabetic: No

Are you insulin dependent: No

Within the last 5 years: No

Do you have any current medical conditions/disease: No

If yes please describe: n/a

Have you seen a doctor recently: no

If yes for what reason: n/a

Mode of payment: Quartly

Benefit period: Lifetime

Elimination period: 90 days

Monthly benefit amount desired: $3,400

Coverage type: Nursing home with home care


All of our Long Term Care Insurance Leads, Annuity, Life, Disability, LTC, Auto, Home, Health, Financial Planning lead types are available for purchase here on our site. The following is our schedule of rates (price, exclusivity and availability are all subject to change)

We offer 3 ways of ordering LTC leads:

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2. Fill out our request form

Long Term Care Insurance Leads

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  • Life Insurance
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LTC Leads – Requirement
The consumer goes ahead and completes a personal questionnaire about a Long Term Care Insurance product. How do you benefit? You win because these shoppers are providing you with real, time sensitive data. They are taking the time to fill out the questionnaire which means you can be totally assured the shopper is serious.

Our LTC leads are delivered to you in lead batches, in REAL-TIME. Plus, you choose how you receive your leads. Whether it’s via email or fax, both are accepted ways.

RATES – Long Term Care Insurance Leads

You can purchase leads in groups of 25 leads to 2000 leads, its your choice. In addition, we sell Long Term Care Insurance Leads based on geography. You can choose to get leads from only your area code, the entire state, or even multiple states.

We mostly sell exclusive LTC leads, which are usually sold to a single agent. We also offer non-exclusive Long Term Care Insurance leads (sold to no more than three agents) as well. These LTC leads are available upon your request.

Payment options:

  • Discover Card
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Checks (made out to
  • Order ONLINE


For more information on fees for LTC leads, see the chart at left.

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